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New Release – Tameless Shena 1/8/12

I’ve been on a creative whirlwind lately and have made a lot of hair that will be released over the next few months.  I actually sat down yesterday to create the package art for this new hairstyle, Tameless Shena II.  However, a full avatar just came together.  Tameless Complete Avatar – Shena is the second in a series of fantasy avi’s I’ve been working on.  Hope you enjoy her.

Tameless Complete Avatar Shena

Tameless Complete Avatar Shena

Tameless Hair Shena II

Tameless Complete Avatar Shena  

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3 More Piercings :) 1/3/12

3 more piercings have been placed in the shop and on the SL Marketplace.  All were previously released as part of a complete avatar, but now are being offered separately.  And as always they are only $79L.

Tameless Piercing 5

Tameless Piercing 6

Tameless Piercing 7

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