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And the WCF goodies keep comin’

Lovin' WCF Goodies

Dress: Tortura Dress – Red by (CM), designer Cracked Mirror

Boots: MysticMemories Boots by :.Envious.:, designer Sayanicole Cuttita

Tattoo: Tattoo Symbols 1 by [essencial], designer Nuri Rau

Skin: Zara Dark Tan Cat Eyeliner by [essencial], designer Nuri Rau

Hair: Tameless Selina by Tameless Hair & Avatars

Sexy Face Piercing @ the WCF

Piercing: Face Piercing “Whore”  – Dark by ::[annaA]::, designer Annalesca Ashbourne

Still More WCF Goodies

Complete Outfit: Unwrap Me by * ^v^ The Death  ^v^ *, designer rihanna Zhora

Skin: Lolita Skin by .::CENSORED::., designer Cindy Oysternatz

Hair: Tameless Yvonne by Tameless Hair & Avatars

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Another day…another dollar…and another whore…or two. :)

If any of the other WCF coverage hasn’t convinced you to head on over to the WCF that starts on March 1st, then you’re insane. :P  Here are some more tantalizing offerings.

WCF Goodies

Lingerie: Playful Sexy Lingerie Blue by !BH, designer Madalina Aeghin

Tattoo: I am not a whore @WCF by .:: Delusions ::., designer Whisper Mizin

Jewelry: Crucifix Earrings and Necklace by [EY:NO], designer Andreaa Umino

Hair, Shape & Skin: Tameless Complete Avatar Azreal by Tameless Hair And Avatars (sneak peek)

More WCF Goodies

Lingerie & Earrings: Black Dream by <Toxic Bish>, designer Toxicbish Mode

Tattoo: Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes by Tenjin, designer Heidi Volare

Skin:*WCF* Chantelle Skin by ..::: AV!SAGE :::…, designer Sabreen Held

Boots: [Fringe B_Boots Noir] by Angelic Lefevre Couture, designer Angelic Lefevre

Hair: Tameless Nadine by Tameless Hair And Avatars

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Yup…another hunt coming up for St. Pat’s day…and just a tad more whore. Having too much fun with the WCF to stop now.

I have been so impressed with the products being offered at the up and coming WCF event that I’ve got a few more to cover.  And I’ve got a fun greeny hairstyle for the St. Pat’s day hunt.  Check out the hunt’s blog for more details: Saint Patrick’s Day Hunt.  Starts on March 1st through the end of the month.

Oh…and I’ve got some upgrades for my skins that I make for the complete avatars.  Here’s a sneak peek. :)

Tameless Hair Molly

Tameless Hair Molly

Dress: Clasped by :::ITP:::, designer Mariah Levenque

Shoes: WhoriN HeelZ by .HollyWeird., designer Jenika Jaxxon

Necklace: WhoreLicious -Necklace- by .HollyWeird., designer Jenika Jaxxon

Tattoo: Tameless Complete Avatar Shena by Tameless Hair And Avatars


Tameless Hair Molly

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New Hair Today (with a little bit of whore on the side)

In keeping with the fun I’ve been having covering some of the fabulous creations for the WCF I’ve found this lovely lingerie set that I couldn’t resist using for my latest hair creation.  Please check out the WCF blog for more info on the fair: The Whore Couture Fair

Outfit: [Dreamy white dress] by **Angelic Lefevre Couture**, designer Angelic Lefevre

Tameless Hair Mandi

Tameless Hair Mandi

Tameless Hair Mandi


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More whorish stuff from the WCF

The Whore Couture Fair continued…  There are so many fantastic vendors offering so many slutty items full of awesomeness.  I want to keep covering as many of the items as I can.  Since I plan on releasing a few more hairs in the near future I plan to use more items from the WCF in my promo picks.  In the meantime here’s a sneak peek at some more WCF offerings.  Be sure to go to The Whore Couture Fair website for more details on the event.

Hair: Tameless Reila – Cherrywood by Tameless Hair & Avatars

Skin: Giulia by – Twenty -, designer Kazey

Outfit & Tattoo: Drop it HARD -Ppink by :: alterego ::, designer Toxxic Rhiannyr

Hair: Tameless Reila – Cherrywood by Tameless Hair & Avatars

Skin: Giulia by – Twenty -, designer Kazey

Outfit, Tattoo & Piercing: Pornstar – Blue by :: alterego ::, designer Toxxic Rhiannyr

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