Review/Blog Policies




I am not currently offering review copies of my products.  However, I do send them out via the Fashion Bloggers & Designers Group.  Please go to the FB&DG blog to apply if you wish to join that group.




I am currently accepting review copies for consideration.  If you wish to send review copies please follow the instructions below:

1.) Create a folder named “Review items – [Shop name] Date“ with the items to be reviewed and a notecard including the following:

– Your complete SL avatar name
– Your SL shop name
– Landmark of your mainstore
– SLURL to your SL shop
– Relevant information about the review items, such as availability, price, promo, etc…
– A product picture (optional)
– Your Marketplace store link (optional)
– Marketplace link to item (optional)

2.) Drop the folder on Talia Barak in SL


You must be the creator of the item(s). I do not support content theft.
I will do my best to post items that are sent to me.  It may take some time though since I do not blog daily.

Thank you for your interest

One response to “Review/Blog Policies

  1. **I would be very happy to wear his models**
    I adore his models

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