Flickr Contests

Second Life – Tameless Hair & Avatars Flickr Group Contests:

There will be 3 winners:

1st Prize $2000L

2nd Prize $1000L

3rd Prize $500L

There will normally only be 3 winners per contest and only those photos submitted during the contest dates will be considered to win the prizes. All winners will be chosen by owner/designer Nita Bracken.  Winners will be announced via our update groups, on our blog, and will be posted in the main shop.

*Every once in a while there will be honorable mention winners with special prizes (i.e. your choice of one hairstyle mega pack or avatar from Tameless Hair & Avatars).

Photo Contest Rules:

• You must be wearing only Tameless Hair in your picture. You can wear any appropriate outfit, avatar or accessories you wish.

• Please read the Flickr FAQ.  Content of photos should be safe to moderate.  NO adult themed (nude, inappropriate clothing, age play, etc…) picks. All adult themed, age play, etc. picks will only earn you a ban from the group as well as the in world shop.

• Post-work (photoshopping) is allowed.  However, please make sure not to change the hair and/or avatar too much.  It needs to still be recognizable.

• Please label your submissions clearly as follows:  Full SL Avatar Name – Tameless Photo Contest Name (example: Jane Doe – Tameless New Flickr Group Photo Contest).  Anything that is not labeled properly will NOT be considered as a contest entry.

• For photos that include more than one avatar, only the person submitting the photo will receive the prize. And all avatars included in the photo must be wearing only a Tameless Hair & Avatars hairstyle .

• You may enter up to 2 pictures per contest.  You may upload as many photos as you wish, but only the first 2  uploaded during the dates of a contest will be considered entries.  However, each photo can only be submitted once. So you cannot submit the same photo over and over again for future contests.  Duplicate submissions will be ignored for future contests.  Repeat offenders will be banned from the group.

***Please remember that there could be a large number of photos submitted for each contest.  It doesn’t mean your photo isn’t fantastic, but for most contests there will be only 3 winners.  So please keep your wonderfully creative picks coming for each contest.***

Rights and Copyright:

Submission of your photo(s) to the Second Life – Tameless Hair & Avatars Flickr group means that you agree to allow Tameless Hair & Avatars rights free use (even if you do not win). You understand that your photo will be used in promotional displays on the Tameless Hair & Avatars blog as well as in Second Life for Tamless Hair And Avatar advertising. Your photos will NOT be used as vendor sale images, strictly on the Flickr group page, the Tameless Hair & Avatars blog, and in Second Life for Tameless Hair And Avatars advertising.

A few quick tips:

1.) Turn on “anti-aliasing” in your preferences.  Otherwise you’ll end up with jagged lines throughout your photo…not very pretty.

2.) Enable the “High Resolution Snapshot” in the Advanced menu. If your advanced menu is not enabled, hold control+alt+D at the same time to enable it. The “Advanced” Menu will now appear. **Note: This feature will only work if you use the “snapshot to disk” method.  You can also change the pixel resolution when taking your shapshot.  Once you have your shapshot window up you can change the size to “Custome” and then change the width and height of your picture.  The larger the number, the more pixels/resolution you add to your picture.

3.) Windlight is your friend.  Check out the SL Wiki for more info on how to use Windlight presets and more.

4.) Make sure to play with your graphics card settings/preferences to get the best photo possible.