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5 New ~Petite~ Hairstyles Today @ Tameless

Tameless Hair Ramona (petite)
Tameless Hair Salina (petite)

Tameless Hair PeggySue (petite)
Tameless Hair Morgana (petite)
Tameless Hair Sojo (petite)

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3 New Hairstyles @ Tameless

The 3 new styles that were exclusive releases a the Vanity Fair are now available in the shop and on the Marketplace.

Tameless Hair Daisy, Depsina and Vivian

Left:  Tameless Daisy

Middle:  Tameless Despina

Right:  Tameless Vivian

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Fairest Of Them All Hunt

The Fairest Of Them All Hunt started yesterday.  Check out the hairstyle we are offering:

Tameless Hair Helena – Cool Tones
Tameless Hair Helena – Cool Tones
Tameless Hair Helena (petite) – Cool Tones

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6 New ~Petite~ Hairstyles @ Tameless

I’ve got 6 more popular styles converted to work for ~petite~ mesh avatars.

Tameless Hair Gweneviere (petite)
Tameless Hair Fiona (petite)
Tameless Hair Bethany (petite)
Tameless Hair Alexia (petite)
Tameless Hair Marianne (petite)
Tameless Hair Cassie (petite)

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New Hair Today @ Tameless

Tameless Hair Isabelle is a crazy mess of curls that is just avant-garde enough to work for any occasion.

Tameless Hair Isabelle
Tameless Hair Isabelle (petite)

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